All our experience we gathered during the past years was the starting point for the development of our recent and best machine the Icebook.


The Icebook is a completely new type of cooling machine. It is revolutionary by its new patented cooling cycle, which allows ammonia absorption cooling under temperature conditions that were impossible until recently. Even more surprising is the construction principle and its shape. Contrary to conventional cooling systems which are made of a number of heat exchangers connected by a rather complicated network of bent tubes and fittings, the Icebook is simply built as a block of sheets of different materials like a book or even better, like a microchip.

For the moment our prototypes built individually, partly by hand have a specific volume of 5 10 litres per KW of cooling power.


This is by a factor of 30 better than conventional ammonia absorption cooling machines.



Download videopresentation (screen resolution less than 1024 x 768)
Download videopresentation (screen resolution more or equal than 1024 x 768)